How To Gain Weight Naturally And Fast

How To Gain Weight Naturally And Fast

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How To Gain Weight Naturally And Fast full guide by voguenyog

The increase in weight of the body causing high deposits of fats, increase in fluids in the body or even increase in the muscle mass is what is to be the Weight gain. It is one of the serious medical condition symptoms. It can cause overweight, obese, etc, which is in no way good for health. The process can also affect the body system neurologically or the respiratory system, cardiac and urinary too, etc.

Some factors which lead to weight gain or affect it are: 

  1. Exercise regimen
  2. Salt intake with food
  3. The age of the individual concerned
  4. The stress level of the individual
  5. Amount of water intake and 
  6. The retention of the same in their ankles or feet, etc. 

Either way, one needs to know that the process of weight gain can either be natural or due to disease. Natural may include pregnancy. While anything unnatural or unplanned here may cause health issues.

Weight gain is sudden and rapid. It takes its path to affect causing dangerous body effects like diseases. SO, one needs to be very particular with what they eat. Even drugs like antidepressants, lithium, phenothiazines, etc, one must use with care and caution. This will help avoid the side effects it might cause an increase in weight.

How To Gain Weight Natural Way?

Some ways to gain weight naturally by staying healthy are:

Potatoes- Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and must become a part of the diet to gain some healthy weight fast. They are also rich in fibers, Vitamin C, etc. Consumption of potatoes without peeling its skin provides more nutrition to the body together with proteins and vitamins.

Butter– They are rich in calories and when used with whole wheat bread, with little roast, provide better health. It’s a better means to get the required energy for the day. One must use it with caution though as they have high saturated fats. Butter can also be substituted with Ghee which is clarified butter form. It will add flavor to food and will provide nutritious as well as high calories healthy breakfast.

Eat Red meat- Red meat is a cholesterol-rich food, among other means to gain weight. It is rich in protein and iron too. To add up to a healthy diet, just add a few drops of olive oil and you can use the oven to cook it and add some weight to your diet. The t-bone, beef tenderloin, etc are some of the fat-rich part parts of the meat. With the consumption of this meat, one must remember not to add its consumption with high saturated fats as the same works opposite to what our body needs.

Intake of Peanut butter- Rich in protein and fats, the peanut-based butter is good to add some healthy weight. It is part of the ideal meal. 100 calories, this is the hold of 1 tablespoon of the butter. Apart from the same, the product is rich in Vitamin D and E, Magnesium, Folic acids, etc. So, to have a healthy breakfast, one can use a layer of the same over the whole wheat bread and start with better calorie intake.

Whole fat milk consumption- One another way to gain some healthy weight is to replace the skimmed milk with the whole milk. This change will give you per glass 60 extra calories and food rich in vitamins and nutrients. The same also helps provide body Vitamin A and D. Oatmeal and cereal are best for consumption with whole fat milk, which offers better health.

Fruits- Fruits help gain weight. They have natural sugars which full stomach and provide the body with some instant energy. Mango, papaya, pineapple, banana, etc are the best examples to help the body gain weight. One can also make a smoothie from these fruits or add it up to the desserts replacing the saturated artificial sugars.

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Whole wheat bread- Tossing it with grains will help gain easy weight. The whole wheat bread is rich in nutrients which makes it perfect for a healthy breakfast. Normal white loaves of bread don’t contain fiber, minerals, etc like the whole wheat bread diet. One can stay without eating for longer using the whole wheat bread.

Cheese- Use them with any dish. They can be used as a replacement for milk as it contains the same nutritional benefits as milk. Cheese is rich in fat and hence helps the body to stay healthy and gain proper weight.

6 Tips To Gain Weight Fast 

English medicines are considered to provide fat to the body. But the same is not healthy and will lead to future health loss. So, it is better to follow health tips to gain some additional weight fast:

Exercise- One must try and maintain a toned body. It will help avoid inevitable skinny person paunch. These paunches develop as one grows older and the same is not healthy at all. So, with better exercise, one can help maintain a toned body and better health. A mix of flexibility exercise, cardio, and weight training might also help individuals for healthy body maintenance.

Healthy Diet- Balanced and healthy diet is necessary. No matter how many dietary supplements one takes, the right amount of fats, carbs, and protein needs to be maintained in the body. One can also include in their diet, dairy products, and nuts and make protein a part of muscle building which will help gain weight faster.

Healthy vegetables and meat consumption- If one wishes to have a weight gain, they need to eat more than what they ate before. We will need to stuff our body well as the body’s composition 80% is consisting of the diet. There needs to be a high protein which will help synthesize the hormones and better growth.

Increased intake of protein- One must remember, their diet must never let go of protein intake to be lower than 1g/lb of the total body weight. This will help add long-term muscle and building it. This growth will starve your body, so a diet, with protein is needed herein for well-maintained muscle building.

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High calories consumption- Do so for better growth. A calorie can also be determined using the calorie calculator. For faster weight gain, the person must aim calories to be around 700 to 1000, above the level. One can use a calorie calculator for estimating and measuring proteins. It is considered to be a good help but for only the first few days. Later the requirement of the same won’t be required.

Increased carbs and fat fill- One must try to fill carbs and fat as much as they can and make their food habit. 3 times a day, this will help one maintain weight gain and provide energy with proper growth to the body of the individual concerned.

5 High-Calorie Foods 

Nutritious and calorie-dense, this should be the 2 things which one needs to maintain in their daily diet. No matter how tempting the calorific content of the food gets, one must avoid it. Because the same might lead to weight gain but will come with high saturated fat and sugar consumption.

So, considering the same, the 5 high-calorie foods to include in your diet for better weight gain are:

Oats- This one diet food plays a dual role. It’s also your partner during weight gain and better when taking with whole milk. They are rich in zinc, iron and manganese, vitamin B, etc. One must remember while buying oats, they must always look after for wholegrain oats rather than refined oats. Oats not only helps to gain weight but also helps lower the cholesterol and helps gain calories. Use as per your diet plan or get 50gm of the oats with 300 ml whole milk pack content, either way, the same will be a healthy diet plan. It can also be served with nuts or dry fruits, etc.

Avocados- It helps add fibers, healthy fats and many other vitamins which help properly balanced diet. Avocados are rich in Potassium, Vitamin C and E. They are one best way to gain weight and contains around 250-400 calories in every single piece served to diet. Either half or full, anything with together with proper food will help in weight gain steadily. Avocados can also be used in sandwiches or used to make guacamole or used on toast, etc. It’s one of the easy ways to maintain a better diet.

Protein powder- This helps in putting mass and also building muscle tissue. The use of protein powder is best for everyday use but especially for ones who are underweight. It helps the body meet the deficiency of calories with less food consumption. With milk, the same deliver 100s of calories with its consumption. They can be made from soy, whey, rice proteins, etc. There are different choices available for it and one must choose properly avoiding the artificial flavors and colors.

Tahini- This butter-like dip is made up of the sesame seeds toasted ground. A tablespoon of the same can provide the body with 100 calories and is highly rich in Vitamin E, B, calcium, Protein, etc. It is a perfect match for being the dip or used like sauces or dressing to add creamy flavor as well as a perfect weight gain in the diet. One can also use it for baking or in milkshakes.

Nut jars of butter Highly rich in Vitamin E, Magnesium, fiber, healthy fats, protein, and calorie, this is one boost for the body with its intake. 100 calories can be in-taken by consumption of 1 tablespoon of nut butter. There are a variety of choices available with the nut butter and one can prefer it as per their choice. Peanut butter, Hazelnut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, etc are all available in there. All one needs is to make sure that the butter is made of 100% nuts and there is no salt or sugar content in the same.

How to calculate nutrition intake?

BMI or the Body Mass Index is one way to measure body weight. It helps in the measurement of the weight in proportion to the consideration paid upon height per square. The method is efficient enough to define the excess weight or insufficient weight or optimal on the ration basis.

One must understand that body calorie if known will help maintain the diet and take more physical activities. This, in turn, will help maintain a weight that is healthy for a body. 
For the calculation of body mass index, one needs to do the following:

1. Must be 19 years of age or above.
2. Just fill in the essential data like Sex, height in inches, weight in pounds, age in years, activity details.


This data will provide the current BMI and will give you the needed calories detail to be maintained as per the current weight of the person.
One can interpret BMI using the following data, Obese needs to in 30 or more, overweight in 25 to 29.9 and healthy weight is for under 25.

Remember, the daily caloric need of around 20-50% is determined using the physical activity one takes. The rest is burned out by the function of the body (basic) like the circulation of blood, cell functional activity, breathing, etc. So, a better diet is necessary if one seems to be serious for gaining some weight and maintaining a daily life which is full of better health controls.

The use of above methods won’t just help you get an idea of what can be done but will also help provide your body with the right things at the right time and prevent the same from being prone to any of the diseases which might misbalance the growth leading to decrease in the weight.

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