questions to ask before hiring a personal trainer

Important questions to ask before hiring a personal trainer

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In every field, the coaches and the trainers are the ones who help shape a life, face greatest of transformations and help attain the non-attainable within a limited period. The same is the case of a personal trainer who not just guides and teaches us the workout basics but also helps us towards a better transformation of the body. So, when hiring them instead of looking after the money, one much have a look for the amount of time they are willing to provide for being one’s coach.

A personal trainer is always better if they take a look towards the goals one has and assure better growth. They must never be in the harm of health or leading to the extreme. Make sure to hire one who gives a better time rather than just some common recommendations. One can even look after some factors before choosing for a personal coach and make sure that all of the same are answered properly.

Firstly the question arises what job do personal trainers do?

What Fitness trainers do?

By the name, we understand that a fitness trainer is one who motivates, leads and instructs us to have a better life by the varied exercises, training, etc, which is better for us and our health. But talking in specific, the below-mentioned points are what a fitness trainer do:

  1. Give a brief idea about how and when to do certain exercises or workouts.
  2. Teach better techniques towards varied exercises which will help remove the chances of injury and will improve fitness.
  3. Any alternative exercise is provided by them to maintain fitness together with skills during exercises and workouts.
  4. Monitor the progress of their clients and instruct them with changes from time to time.
  5. Any emergency aid needed is provided by them, etc.

What training personality they hold?

You know there is the reason behind everything. We know what we want but when we are unable to open up, it leads to our loss and so is the case with a personal trainer with whom we spend considerable time. Any carelessness in sharing out the necessity and the demand will lead to non-spurting of goals and demands for what we hire a personal trainer and spend money on the same. Thus knowing your trainer’s personality and making them know yours is a must as it helps in building up of strong client and trainer relationship.

Don’t hurry. Make sure you do not limit yourself while finding a trainer. Check reference, have patience and then select. Also assure yourself that the trainer you hire has all the qualities like that of a good listener or is patient enough to deal with your tantrums of pain, etc which might be a common cause for someone losing patience at the start. Just in case if you have the opportunity to have a session, do try to test them. This will show their true personality, methods of training and the tactics they hold while they deal with a non-gym person who suddenly with an urge or needs plans to join through.

Are you certified? Do you hold any credentials?

 Be sure to ask whether or not your trainer is certified enough in the field to take you through the same. Also, ask for if they hold any side or backup degree which is related to health or general fitness as it helps them guide their students better and will also be a great help for you. Even an added benefit comes along if the trainer is well-acquainted with the first aid and CPR process as the same reduces chances of any unwanted happenings which might occur due to the workout level. Better the degree, better the guide and better will be the response you receive from the trainer which will not just guide but will also motivate you towards your set goals. 

Does he have any specializations in this field?

Asking about your trainer’s specializations is a must because not all can receive benefits from all kinds. There needs to be a connection between your demand and result and only then one will be able to succeed in their purpose. Just for example if the trainer is needed post-accident to get along with better recovery, recovery specializing trainers will be the best choice or if one post-pregnancy wants to get back to shape, the right choice will be a natal fitness coach. 

Ask before you choose and choose after you decide taking care of your needs and demands and amongst all make sure to check whether or not the certifications they hold are updated as per their specialization.

Are you committed to work and clients?

Ask your trainer whether or not the person is committed to his clients which include you too. Make sure you receive a satisfactory answer as this will help you to know that when you are tired and plan to give up, will your trainer still be the right choice to lead you towards the ultimate goals you demand? 

Every training session is important. Just be assured that it makes you rather then breaking you and this is only possible if a committed trainer is allowed to perform a session properly by keeping you motivated towards what he or she sees. A better vision is always better for him and you. 

How do you become a fitness trainer?

One can become a fitness trainer by getting themselves certified as Personal trainer by any of the following certifying organizations like- American college of sports medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA), International Sports & Sciences Association (ISSA), etc.

Once certified one can find a job for themselves as a Personal trainer at Commercial gyms, Personal training studios, Local community centers, Hospital and wellness centers, Cruise ships, In-home training, etc. One can even consider their specialty in- Athletics and Sports, Lifestyle and Weight Management, Orthopedics, Working with Special Population, Medical, Nutrition, etc.

But sometimes we are not satisfied with what we have. We look after more for improvement and improving our skills and education. There are many institutions which are providing much needed and demanded education to trainers. They provided varied courses online like the one offered by the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, which also holds time to time seminars for improvements. Then there are Human Kinetics, ACE, ACSM, NFPT, etc, which are out there to enhance your knowledge for improvement.

Make sure to improve your experience by every means to assure yourself towards a better future. Market yourself through websites, business cards, social media, Seminars, Networking, referrals, etc. and once you start receiving clients make sure to listen to them, give assessments regularly, for the ones who leave be in touch, offer anything extra which is unknown and see what a life you lead helping people and creating a change in the lives of people. 

Free fitness trainer apps

There are many Fitness trainer apps that help us to keep track of the workout and the exercises. With the use of technology the field of exercise is also changing and has brought in varied apps that keep track of the exercises and guide you better through the same. just using the smartphone and the tablets, one can ensure to have an outlook over what they did the whole day and whether or not the results were achieved when compared to set standards. Below-mentioned is the list of 11 free fitness trainer apps which will guide the users towards a better journey.

  1. Rock My Run
  2. Workout Trainer
  3. Daily ABS
  4. Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk
  5. Endomondo- Running & Walking
  6. Samsung Health
  7. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym planner
  8. Progression Fitness tracker
  9. Google fit- Fitness tracking
  10. Nike Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plans
  11. Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

These are some of the best apps offered by technology which when used well will create a change in the lives of people

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