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How To Increase Breast Size?

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breast expansion tips

Breast expansion or enlargement or sometimes even called augmentation can derive the meaning from the word itself. The process might be natural just in case like the Mammoplasia or might occur to be a part of interventions conducted artificially. With the advancement in technology, anything is possible and Breast expansion is one such intervention.

The breasts around the world are considered among the women to be the second important characteristics that they have. It is considered important for sexual attractiveness or might become a femininity sign which makes it important enough for their self. Well, this is the reason why women around the world, if they find their breast to be deficient by either means, might go along the activities to enlarge the same or breast expansion as well.

What can be done for breast expansion?

Like considered, being considered the 2nd most attractive part of women’s bodies by the women themselves might raise some self-conscious sometimes. Moving around with smaller breasts, this might sometimes even reduce their self-confidence, etc. But wait, this is no more an issue to worry about anymore. It is because both temporary and permanent solutions are available to fix this. Surgeries are available, products are available for breast expansion, all of it, just to make you feel confident and increase the breast to the size of your choice. Just make sure you consult your doctor before the same.

Some to increase your breast size or have a better breast expansion, you can try the below-mentioned:

Diet and exercise

diet and exercise for breast enlargement

Weight gain– Remember when we diet and exercise to keep us thin, this is the time when this regimen affects our breasts too. So, the more you have calories, the larger will be the breasts or any other place or part of the body which you wish to increase the size. Pregnancy is another means to get a natural breast enlargement or increment.

Dumbbell chest presses– One among to be added in the list, this means can help one get bigger and stronger pec muscles. It helps to push up your breast tissue to give you the desired results for Breast expansion.
Find the right dumbbell which you can pick comfortably for the 8 to 12 reps for 3 sets. One can start with 8 or 10 or sometimes to a maximum of 12 pounds of weight. Maintain the number of days with the same and try to do it 2 to 3 times in a week and make sure you complete dumbbell chest presses as to 3 sets of 10. With the increase in your strength, make sure to increase the reps for the sets you take.

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By holding the weights on the sides, use an incline bench to lie back. Lift the weight, make sure to position like over the chest towards each other. You then need to straighten your arms to make sure that the ends of the weights from the 2 ends touch each other. Lastly, lower the weight, and once done, keep repeating as per your set rules. By maintaining this, you can gain an advantage for sure.

Push-ups– This might be considered to be as the arm exercise but the chest muscles also exist to be in the pectorals working upon which might help one to strengthen and enlarge their chest. It can help the breasts appear larger with arms getting trimmer and more muscular. 15 push-ups- 3 sets, will be a great start and remember to increase the same per set as the strength comes in.

Isometric chest contractions– So, what does this particular exercise need? It needs contracting the muscles without having to extend the same. It helps to boost up the chest muscle size. To do it, there is no major requirement. All you need in extra is a hand towel and for better results, this exercise can be performed 3 times a week.

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Estrogen ingestion– After attaining an age of about 18 to 19 years, the hormones for breast expansion which are produced during puberty stops. This is when the estrogen can be supplemented by having in their diet, the right amount of soy foods. Use soy milk, soybeans, tofu, etc. There are also available in the market, breast enhancement pills whose constituent consists of estrogens which are derived using the herbs for better and same kind of effects.

Cosmetic Solutions for Breast Expansion

Just like above there are also some cosmetic solutions for a better breast solution. The following choices are available for the same:

1. Push-up bra– Like every other advancement being undertaken from time to time, the bra too got evolved to a point. It can now provide one with genuine-looking, beautiful breasts. One need not have to go through surgeries or exercise along longer. So, all you need is to stop by and shop for yourself a push-up bra as per the comfort and size. Remember these points before you get the same-

  • A Push-up bra should now weigh you dow.
  • It shouldn’t shift as one move
  • The same should not make your breasts get pointy or give it some odd shape.

2. Breast contouring– Just as we can add up some makeup for our cheekbones or the chins, remember, there are also ways to add up some contour to the cleavage too. It is considered to be the most inexpensive means. It is temporary and for sure will help you achieve a better look at the breasts with a slight practice. Don’t worry about getting your shirt dirty because of the makeup as for the same you can use tape or some toilet paper for better protection. Mind you, while you wear white, don’t try to trick and treat as the same will be your loss.

Just a slight use of light colour face powder can help you with so much. Just a little application with a blend of edges using the makeup sponge. Easy and better, all one needs is to be careful with what they wear for while they use makeup.

Can you get chicken fillets? – Bra inserts, these can be worn easily inside the unpadded bra. It will help one provide a better and realistic means for simulation of the breast. Compared to reality, the weight, appearance, and texture all seem to be quite close to reality. They are available with a match for skin tone colour or one can even go with the transparent one. Choose your preference and match it with your choice.

Breast enlargement products

  • Breast expansion cream– The main content of these breast enhancement creams is estrogen and the collagens and there are varied options and brands available for the creams in the market. It not just increases the size of the breast but also provides a tone to the shape of the same. In actual, they are meant to pump the breast cells and help them look better and bigger. But it’s just a saying.

The price of the same can even cost you hundreds of dollars around for just one bottle for the same. But in actual, well they are not helping to enlarge the breasts. Researches, sources, all of them even say, that this cream is unsafe for the use of a person. Just in case even after hearing this, you prefer to buy one such cream, make sure you look out for one with the natural ingredients which might have some aloe or the shea butter. In the worst case, this will only affect the breast as the same will be softened and moisturized.

  • Brava– This is nothing more than a technique or better to say a vacuum device for breast-expansion. It will cost you around $900. Talking about what it does, well the same causes the cells of breasts to replicate and enlarge. This, in turn, increases the size of one or more cups.

The device is just fitted along with like a bra over the breasts and the vacuums inside the cups, it works like tissue and helps increase the size with time. For seeing better results, one might need to wait for around 10 weeks.

  • Fat injections– In the particular procedure herein, the fat from the buttocks and the abdomen is taken and the same is then injected to the breasts to make it look complete. Multiple injections might be needed for completing the procedure as sometimes the fat inserted gets absorbed in the body, every single time the injection is used. One needs to be cautious while using the procedure as the calcification of the fat might lead to complications of health.
  • Breast fillers- Fillers or injections, they are used to insert the hyaluronic acid in the breast. Using multiple such injections one can increase the cup size by 1 of 2. 30-90 minutes is the time for one injection and might cost you with 1000 of $. Even after such a large spend, the same is dangerous and has side effects. Research well before you go for the procedure and remember sometimes for making it look natural, the same might need a tune-up too.
  • Electric Acupuncture– The cells in the breasts are plumped up using the needles inserted in the breasts. Through these needles, the electric current is passed and the procedure has been undertaken by many celebrities. But before you take through this process, remember that the same might not last forever, so more treatment might be needed for the same. No long-term effects as information are available scientifically. So, it is better to proceed along the same with better and more caution.

Surgical Enhancement

Types of breast implants- There are varied types of implants available herein. One can choose saline or event he silicone implants. It has been reviewed that silicone implants seem to be more real but have their dangers as the same starts leaking inside the breasts. The above-mentioned types might cost around 5000-10000 $.

Plastic surgery- If you plan for a breast implant, you need to fix a meeting with the plastic surgeon to discuss which implant will be beneficial for you. You will also need to be very clear about the size and shape you might want after the surgery. Do look at the examples shown by the doctors in a better manner to get a clear idea as to how your figure might change through the process.

Remember to reach out to an experienced surgeon. Also, consider the reviews. Don’t be a guinea pig.

A proper talk regarding the medications might also be needed as you need to inform the doctor about the same so that none of the medications can affect your body after the surgery.

Surgery and the recovery process– Just like every other surgery the use of general anesthesia is expected herein. Surgeons use the same before cutting on the breasts, the armpits or even around the nipples. All of it depends upon the plan discussed beforehand. It takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete the surgery after which the breasts are covered with the surgical tapes and you might even experience breast drains while the healing continues.

There can be complications like bleeding or the scarring or even more severe situations like the growth of cancer cells, which might interfere with the breastfeeding.

So, after a great idea about such long processes for breast expansion, both surgical as well as non-surgical, now you know which process you might to continue and go along to ensure proper effects as well as better recovery. This article was meant to make you aware of the cost, the other factors like the side-effects, etc, all to be known as one place so that one can remain aware of what they might wish for. Any treatment mentioned above is a matter of serious consideration and one must be very particular with the proper researches before considering the same. considering the same to be the 2nd important part of a female body, remember one bad step can cause you to harm for a lifetime, so we hope you make a better choice.

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