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dry skin tips & remedies

A skin condition which we all are aware of is Dry skin. It is generally caused due to the intake of improper water in our body which causes the deficiency in our superficial skin layer also called the epidermis. Dry skin has a higher occurrence in old individuals as their skin tends to lose skin oil and other important lubricants. Dry skin is generally caused due to the deficient water, humidity or temperature, etc. The effects are generally seen on the arms, lower legs, and hands.

Xerosis is the medical term for dry skin which causes the skin to get sensitive and highly prone to rashes or breakdown. The skin issues can be cured using simple treatments, like avoiding harsh soaps or chemical cleansers. Further treatment can involve the use of moisturizers or bland emollients. One must know, an untreated skin can cause the chances of bacterial infections, skin discoloration or even cellulitis. So, time to time cure is necessary to keep our dry skin proper by using simple remedies.

Remedies For Dry Skin

Coconut oil- Coconut has been said to have properties of emollient which helps in creating smooth skin by filling the spaces between skin cells. The skin can get hydrated and smooth with the use of coconut oil (contains naturally occurring saturated fatty acids). Even the coconut oil can be used in the most sensitive parts of the body, like around the mouth and eyes underneath. The use of coconut can be done daily without mixing it with any other thing as the same is gentle enough for use.

Petroleum jelly It is also known as mineral oil that provides the skin with a protective layer. For among the adults, the same is very effective. It helps underneath the moisture trap and helps in faster healing of the dry or irritate skin patch.

Oatmeal baths- This is the best use for the skin which is undergoing a huge amount of irritation. It has been suggested by varied studies for its proper use from time to time. The contents of the oatmeal help provide the skin with a soothing feeling as the same has an inflammatory property which helps solve the skin irritation issue and provides relaxation. It provides a huge relief to itching. Just after taking the oatmeal bath, remember to moisturize the body so that the skin locks in the moisture.

One can easily take at home an oatmeal bath. Just make the oatmeal to the fine powder using the food processor and then use the warm water in which the powder is to be stirred. Use it, and enjoy the best of experiences at home.


The omega- 3s and the Anti-toxicants- The skin which gets exposed to elements causing skin damage faster than the repairing capacity, makes the skin dry and vulnerable. Based on the reports and researches conducted, there are varied foods that can make your skin remain healthy. They are rich in intoxicants and help minimize the damage caused due to the use of the toxins and keep the body develop healthy cells at a faster rate. Foods that help keep the skin healthy are Carrots, Blueberries, Tomatoes, Peas, Beans, Lentils, etc. While the foods which are rich in Omega-3 help the skin to glow with a proper diet of food like the salmon, etc.

Gloves- Our hands have more direct contact with the irritants of the environment like the dish soap or the detergent used for the laundry. So, one must always be in the habit to wear gloves while they put their hands in the water. Apart from the same the hands are also exposed to the temperature abuse while a person works outside, so while doing the household chores or when the person is outside if the person wears the insulated gloves the same will save him from the skin irritation issues.

Shower temperature- One can change their shower routine for keeping their skin better and relieving it from the dryness. A hot shower can scald and damage the skin. Even the soaps claiming to repair and moisturize the skin also act opposite sometimes. They can cause or can trigger the allergic reactions and this, in turn, would make the skin get thin with the high use of the chemicals. So, apart from taking short duration hot showers should also try to buy themselves fragrance-free soap and are not like the traditional soaps which were not gentle on the skin.

Humidifier- The same helps the minimization of the dryness which are caused by the heating systems at the home. Once the humidifier is set at 60, the effect of electric heat and gas, stripping the moisture from the air is minimized.

Decreased or no use of the irritants and the allergens- Dryness can occur to the skin being exposed or the clothes being worn by the individuals. Even the use of woolen clothes can cause skin irritation, so it’s always better we use clothes which are warm but gentle too on the skin.

Facts about dry skin

1. People having Eczema, have higher chances of dry skin.

2. It can be caused due to medications and generally causes side effects like cracking or dry patches or fine flakes.

3. Itching can be stopped using medications like topical corticosteroids.

4 One can use home remedies for better effects and treatment.


Foods to avoid

There are varied food intakes which are to be avoided or the quantity of same is to be used in a limited manner:

Vitamin A- The excess intake of any of the supplements of the Vitamin A should be avoided as the same is generally packed with huge amount of antioxidants which help the skin to repair, cells to grow and tissue to get okay with time but just like excess of everything is bad, herein too the same causes Hypervitaminosis. The same can lead even to skin being dry peeled or any other issues. So, instead of intaking the huge vitamin A in diet the same should be limited and quantified.

Dairy products- The cows on today’s date are fed with hormones like progesterone for doubling the milk production. The same gets transferred to our bodies with its intake and can cause the dryness or the skin breakout or acne or sometimes even aging.

Sugar intake- Sugar in our body breaks down very easily and takes the form of molecules. The rush of such a huge intake will make the immune system weak, which in turn would cause the improper functioning of the Liver. So, anything which contains sugary foods including soda and juices which contains fiber, etc are also to be avoided.

Caffeine intake- The intake of the same is just like sugar and it easily breaks in our body. The same can cause the production of cortisol or the stress hormone which will cause the body to dehydrate and skin to age. Ignoring the intake and the side effects, the use of caffeine is useful in its way and helps cure the damages caused due to the sun. So, 2 cups of caffeine a day is sufficient for your body.

Alcohol- Due to the diuretic nature of alcohol, the same when gulped frequently it just simply causes the water to ooze out and decreases the water level in the same which in turn causes the skin to dry and get wrinkles.

High-glycemic food- Food like white rice, pasta, cakes, white loaves of bread are some of the high-glycemic foods which have refined carbohydrates which increases the rush of blood sugar. Just like sugar, the same act on the skin and havocs the same. Foods as such also cause, clogged pores, wrinkles, and early aging, etc.

Dry Skin vs Dehydration

Your skin can never be dehydrated or dry at the same time. So, one needs to use the right products to recognize the skin issue. Some of the differences between these 2 types of skins are:

1. There is a lack of water in case of dehydrated skin while therein the dry skins the oil lacks. 

2. Dry and tightness of skin are experienced in case of dehydrated skin, no matter how much moisturization you provide the same. one must apply a hydrating serum right before applying the oil so that the same can lock the hydration in. When it comes to dry skin, one can experience flaky, dry or rough skin which has a lack of moisture.
One must assure themselves with the right moisturizer ingredient in such cases and as per the recommendation oils are better as they are deep penetrating in the skin which helps the same to breathe. One can use jojoba oil or the coconut oil in case of the dry skin

It is not easy to distinguish between dry skin and dehydrated skin. So, one must consult a doctor if there is a need.

Best Moisture for dry skin

1. Lubrication with an emollient which inhibits evaporation is the right choice to be used for the treatment of the dry skin and to retain the moisture in there.

2. Creams and lotions will work over the skin to repair the same and control skin damage as mostly the external causes are the reason for skin damage.

3. One can even apply over the moisturizer a bland. The same will prevent the loss of water from the skin and stop the itching. It will also help in the restoration of skin hydration. 

4. The light moisturizers can be used for mildly dry skins. Curel Lotion, Lubriderm lotion, and the Cetaphil lotion are some examples of the same.
One can also use some high-end moisturizing products like Vaseline and the Aquaphor for the dry skin (severe ones).

5. Dry skin can also be treated using the topical steroid creams which have mild strength of hydrocortisone 1% cream, Pramosone of 2.5% cream, medium-strength of triamcinolone 0.1% cream and strong strength of fluocinonide of 0.05% cream. The mild creams can be used on the underarms, the face or groin areas.

6. Anti-itch oral medications can also be used for better control of issues like dryness itching. The same contains the hydroxyzine or the Atarax and the Benedryl in diphenhydramine.

Getting information at large regarding all the above-mentioned points can help us to keep calm and take care of our dry skin. Dry skin is just an effect of less water consumption or winter season or sometimes hot weather. One must not panic at such situations and use the above-mentioned points to get the relief from an issue like skin break, dryness or acne, etc.

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