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Top 8 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

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Top 8 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Winter is not considered to be a good time for the skin as it leads to cracks or sometimes even bad bleeds if the same is not treated properly. To have happy winters rather than hard splinters, this is one common demand for all. We care for our winter skin as much as we look after our oily ones. There is no mismatch, just a small touch of changes in the care we bring in, although the level of the same remains the same. 

Winter is the havoc time for our skincare and needs some extra efforts. It makes us experience the time of dry skin, itchy ones and sometimes irritation to an extent of the devastation. It’s like we have no escape through the same leaving our skin vulnerable enough to face issues of Winter skin. So, what should we do? what can be done to get better skincare and have healthy weather? 

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Tips for healthy winter skin

Some additional tips to follow along for better Winter skin in this abrupt environment are as follows:

  • Eat right to stay hydrated– Every person’s skin differs in some or the other way but the use of the right diet can help along to make the skin feel the fun of healthy winter. There are varied foods and supplements available like the Omega-3, Omega-6, etc. There are also some fatty acids available in the market to keep your skin better, like fish oil, flaxseed oil, etc. All these are approved parts of the dermatologist who continue along with their practices at varying levels. All these foods and supplements suggested by the dermatologist helps along the skin to remain moisturized outside and remain better inside.
  • Don’t stay in wet clothes– Staying in wet clothes can lead to itchy skins. It creates an irritation which then causes varied skin problems. So, if any of your clothes like the gloves, the socks, the pants or the shirt, any of them, if it’s wet, remove the same fast.
    Just in case if you still feel dry skin, any discomfort or any kind of irritation, you can use 1 % hydrocortisone cream (as suggested by the doctors). If still no improvement in skincare, it’s better to contact the doctor and get a prescription to take care of skin dry issues caused in your winter skin.
  • Decrease the temperature and start with a limitation over the time spent in the shower– Researches, doctors, dermatologists, all say that, the more the tempting hot shower appears to your winter skin, the worst it gets in actual for you. According to them no matter how tempting it might seem to have a bath in a hot shower for longer, try and keep to 5-10 minutes shower with lukewarm water. One must try avoiding the hot water as much as they can. It has also been said by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that while using the hand-dryer one must use the same just to damp the hands and not wait for it to get dried perfectly.
  • Frequent moisturization– One needs to be very particular when it comes to moisturization, especially with the hands. For better skin care one needs to moisturize the same after washing up the hands or legs. One must try and use ointment or a cream, lotions should be better maintained for the humid or warm climate. 
    During the cold, one needs to wash hands now and then to have better skincare but then, it can sometimes be harsh too. So, to keep your dry skin moist, one must always apply hand cream. Even waterproof gloves can be used while cleaning or washing the dishes.

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  • Don’t say no to sunscreen on winter days– It is necessary to apply sunscreen no matter whether you are on slopes playing with snow or just walking to the parking lot. We must be aware that the sunlight is reflected by the snow around 80%, which increases the exposure of such rays to the skin, hence causing us prone to varied skincare issues which are hard to let go. Even on a dark and dreary day the sun rays penetrating through the clouds can reach out to the skin moist atmosphere and make it prone to skin defects. So, in short, sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater than that should be applied before leaving the house with the exposed areas.
  • Wear proper clothes– Proper here doesn’t mean extra clothes. It just means that for a better skincare one must know that what they wear are appropriate, non-irritating and comfortable for the skin. Fabrics we wear in cold can aggravate the Dry skin easily and can increase the dryness causing itchiness and irritations. So, what to do? Wear light soft layered clothes, check the material before you buy, see whether or not the materials are breathable against the skin. Above the same one can use woolen or warm clothes. One can also use the gloves or even mittens, ones which don’t get irritation to skin. 
  • Use cleansers which are gentle and fragrance-free– Soaps which are of regular use tend to create irritable effects on our body. Any cloth that we wash should hence be fragrance-free and gentle on clothes. It is also suggested that we must minimize the use of the same but if we still intend to use, then the same should be checked well, like on the labels for its fragrance content or it being unscented, etc. Anything which can be avoided for better skincare and one which can increase the skin dry effects should be practiced. One must also decrease the lathering of soaps in areas like the feet, genitals, armpits, etc.
  • Facial skincare regimen can be modified- One must try using the cream-based cleansers and avoid usage of the astringents as the same contains alcohol and this might lead to drying of skin further. As soon as one such side effects are caught, one must avoid using products containing alcohol or any products which avoid natural oils retainment with the skin. Applying rich moisturizer for better skincare on the face, one must not forget the lips too. Applying right moisturizing lip balms is the best way to maintain skincare and stop the lips to be cracked, chapped caused due to drying. But in case the same causes a sensation which is not appropriate, one must not think twice to shift to other products. Healthy winter, better skincare, this is what our body demands and this is what we should try and provide it.

Apart from the above-mentioned 8 healthy tips, one can also invest in a humidifier or lower the thermostat for better skincare and better moisture retention in the skin. Anything which helps take care of your skin needs will be the best way to check out through the winter demands. It will make sure you have healthier skin all winter and assure better skincare by all means.

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