periods hacks & precautions

Menstruation Precautions & Hacks

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Periods hacks & precautions

Periods or menstrual cycle is a sign of a girl getting towards the end of her puberty. It’s a healthy sign for a female body but do we feel the same when it knocks us down? The release of blood flow from the uterus through the vagina doesn’t sound comforting and brings along with it a gift we would never love to have. Painful cramps, mood swings, breakouts, etc, and some other depressive symptoms. What worst can one expect from this? Feeling embarrassed to talk about the same is the answer.

We feel disturbed to talk at times of emergency and whisper in the ears like we committed some crime. Making it worst, sanitary napkins are treated like bombs being hidden and carried around in the pocket or inside the washroom. But wait, why do we need to do so? It’s a part of the development of one’s body and should be treated better without a shame to talk about or an attitude of feeling embarrassed. One needs to ease up as not men know what we bear along every month.

What to use? A Pad, Menstrual Cap or a Tampon?

Well, anything that works well with you and your body will be the right choice for dealing with your period’s blood. Experimenting can make you aware of what’s best in your case or what options work better with you. For starting to know more consider the below-mentioned points:

  • Pads are sticky strips that are easily attachable to your underwear. They are made of cotton and have sizes and shapes available for your choice. In most cases during the 1st period, a girl prefers pads.
  • Tampons can be convenient for girls at times for absorbing blood. They are cotton plugs that are put by girls into their vagina and are sometimes considered better than pads especially if you are out there swimming or being a part of sports. Talking what adolescent girls should follow for its use- remember not more than 8 hours the same should stay inside as it increases the infection risk which is also called toxic shock syndrome. 
  • The menstrual cup is made of silicone and is preferred by few. It is inserted in the vagina to keep hold of the blood and it stays inside until the same is emptied.

Is there any particular amount of blood which comes out in periods?
An answer for this a few teaspoons no matter how large the same might seem during periods. It’s better to have a change 3 to 6 times a day, of menstrual cup or pad or the tampons.


Precautions To Be Taken In Periods

Remember, a once in a month activity should not disturb your daily life. You should be concerned if you experience the below-mentioned symptoms and take necessary precautions to get back to normal and have fun, exercise and enjoy.

  1. Keep track of why you haven’t had your menstrual cycle even at the age of 15 and above.
  2. Consult a doctor, If you have huge bleeding or no bleeding.
  3. If your periods are still irregular after 2 years of its start, consult today.
  4. Talk to someone If your period’s cycle lasts more than a week.
  5. If you are having cramps that don’t go away easily or if you experience severe PMS which disconnects you from your daily life, just go to a doctor and explain the situation. Anything kept unnoticed can cause issues.

Anything hidden can be a major cause of something which you might not feel good about. So, it’s better to talk to someone close like an older sister or a doctor or parent, etc.

Some Periods Hacks

  • Always keep dark chocolates and carry them along in your bag as the same helps keep control over the magnesium need of our body which is lost during periods flow.
  • If you fell period as a problem and have many, the consumption of calcium (1200 mg around) daily, will help solve every period’s problem. Even daily 46 grams of protein will help you to remove the laziness and tiredness during the time of periods as the same provides energy and increases the alertness of your body.
  • The lavender essential oil will be the right choice for your cramps if they don’t allow you to sleep properly. Add a few drops of the same on the pillow for better sleep. Another means that can be used for cramps is aromatherapy tactic. 2 drop lavender, 1 teaspoon almond oil, one rose to drop, one clary sage drop, mixed and massaged over the abdominal will help decrease the pain.
  • If you forget your periods often, use apps available. They help keep track of the dates with a somewhat accurate prediction of the next date. It acts as a reminder just 2 days before the date. These apps are generally free and easy to use. You can try to keep better results and let you live a stress-free life.
  • Try to control the caffeine intake if you as this will help you minimize your pain or at least keep a bit of control over it. Also avoid much of salt intake, from 2 to 3 days before the periods to avoid bloating.
  • If you consider sanitary napkins as a real bomb, on the starting days, you can simply paste one over another the sanitary napkins and doing so, remember to use the thin one for better comfort and to keep control during heavy flow.
  • Use non-transparent travel mugs or plastic bottles to fold the pad and insert it to carry along the destination, if you feel carrying a sanitary napkin is a thing to hide. This might create awkwardness but at least you will be relieved.
  • One can experience ugly pimples as a menstrual symptom during the menstrual cycle. It happens because of the oily face and the use of salicylic acid or even the benzoyl peroxide will work for skin exfoliation. It helps keep at least a few pimples away from the list.


Signs To Not Ignore

Apart from precautionary signs, there are other signs during periods too which should not be ignored:

Bad smell- Any unpleasant odor during periods is a sign to be cautious. You should never ignore and bring it to your doctor’s attention. This should be treated properly as such symptoms generally occur when people have endometriosis cancer (irregular cycles of a period of 15-20 days) and can even lead to anemia.

During sex bleeding– One must consult a doctor if they experience blood after sexual intercourse as the same is a sign of infection or sometimes cancer. Proper tests must be conducted for the same on time.

After menopause bleed– Cervical cancer can cause bleeding even after menopause and should not be ignored. The same can be detected and proper tests and the scan must be conducted for the same. There can be a cure for this cancer which is treated during initial stages.

Fibroid– A huge level of pain can be a sign of fibroid tumors and sometimes this causes the menstrual cycle to come into action before 20 days and not 28. With an increase in its size, the bleeding can get excessive and therefore needs to be treated professionally as the tumor needs to be removed on time.

Miscarriage– In case of miscarriages the fetus dissolves. Pregnancy is confirmed by a urine test but after a few days, the bleeding can start gradually. It’s better to have a test about to know whether or not the fetus is still healthy. Anything such experienced must further follow strict doctor’s guidance for future pregnancy. It is better to find reasons for fetus dissolving and this must be treated well beforehand so that no further losses occur.


The above-mentioned points, hacks, questions and answers, all provide a clear description of what periods are and what happens during a menstrual cycle. One must always remember anything associated with this is normal and there is nothing to hide about it. All the depressive symptoms, menstrual system, all are common and if not, needs proper attention of the doctors and treated right on time. It’s better if you know things are fine with you and your body and sometimes a regular test or checkup will help you know better about your uterine health. So, don’t panic, there is a solution but you need to know and open up as this is not a thing to shut you out. Periods are not an embarrassment, its growth and anyone who makes you feel the same should better be ignored or answered, as per your wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is PMS?

An emotional imbalance like moodiness, acne, sadness, anxiety, all these are a part of PMS or the premenstrual symptoms which go away within a few days of periods. These depressive symptoms generally occur before or during the menstrual cycle.

Q- Are periods regular in menstruation cycle?

In an adolescent girl’s body, the periods in the first years might not be regular and this is completely normal. But remember the same should kick in after every 4 to 5 weeks after 2 to 3 years of the start of the periods. Some might have an irregular one too. So, when such an abruption is noticed, it’s better to consult a doctor. Remember, a period cycle might last to around 5 days but sometimes a day or 2 can get longer or shorter at times.

Q- When do periods kick in?

12 and around is the age when most get their first experience of the menstrual cycle. But this is not a necessary age. Everybody works in own schedule and you can get your first start between the age of 10-15 too.
You know the periods are coming-
1. Within 2 years of the time when the development of breasts starts.
2. Vaginal discharge is another menstrual symptom. It’s like mucus on undergarment which begins around 6 months before you are about to get your first adolescent feeling, your first period.

Q- Why do we girls have periods?

Hormonal change or chemical messengers is the answer. The body has a release of progesterone and estrogen which causes the womb or a lining of the uterus to build which is all set to get a fertilized egg to attach it with and see the development. When there are no such eggs, there is a break in-lining which causes the bleeding and the same repeats every menstrual cycle. It’s a complete cycle of around a month which causes women or girls to have periods.

Q- When does the menstrual cycle come to an end?

The menstrual symptoms and cycle start disappearing between the age of 45 to 55 when the menopause is reached after which the periods stop permanently. Pregnancy also stops the periods.

Q- With the start of periods, can one get pregnant?

Talking of this, yes, one can get pregnant with the start of periods or before the first period. Hormones are active as we know before the periods come and knock and which brings in ovulation and uterine wall build-up. So, if you have sex just before your periods or even though you never had periods before, you can get pregnant. 

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