How To Dress In Style For This Diwali

How To Dress In Style For This Diwali

by Harsh Kumar

Diwali is just knocking at the door and think about it, how will it look if you show up in a casual outfit for your Diwali party? This Diwali embrace your style and enjoy in style. The aunties and the older people won’t be impressed for sure. You’ve got to increase and show your game a bit, because hey, Diwali comes just once in a year! Diwali dressing outfit ideas can be rather tricky, we get it. So, if for any reason you’ve postponed your Diwali shopping and now you’re feeling the pressure of what to wear, here are a few last-minute Diwali outfit ideas that you can follow to look your best on this auspicious occasion. 

Dazzling and magnificent Fireworks, nightlong card sessions, delicious and scrumptious food, twinkling lights, endless parties and most importantly homely warmth combined with raucous and loud laughter are few of the fantastical and beautiful elements that make up Diwali. For Indians celebration of Diwali is like Christmas all over the world. But Diwali is no longer confined to Indians and Hindus thanks to the western world’s love affair with all things pure ethnic, religious and exotic Indian.

New threads might have lost their gleam in the course of becoming independent adults and getting older but are still very much a part of Diwali celebrations. Obviously the ladies need no nudge when it comes to shopping but it’s usually the men who groan and moan at the thought of putting in the effort to buy new outfits for the celebration. The idea of roaming out shop to shop might be a nightmare for some men.

If you’re Indian and an 80s or 90s child you probably also have some affectionate and sentimental memories of buying new clothes for the celebration. It was undoubtedly yet another cherry on top of ice-cream or shall we say laddoo on top of the firecracker made Diwali cake. New outfits and properly cleaned houses and used to hold cultural significance for creating a fresh start in every home and inviting good energies ushered in the Diwali (A.K.A-Hindu New Year) together. But you also wouldn’t want to end up wearing some really nerdy and casual outfit picked out by your mother especially in the absence of a significant other because Diwali parties are ideal hunting grounds for scoring your upcoming relationship.

Luckily, Diwali clothes shopping no longer involves dragging your lazy and tired ass behind all over the city trying to hunt down the latest clothing store known for its cosmic collection. Thanks to the magic of online shopping, you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home in a nightdress while sipping your coffee. And if you’re too much worried about which website to browse and WHAT to buy then here is a styling guide presented by VoguenYog for Diwali to suit every personality. I would like to share some of the best outfit ideas for Diwali.

Kurta, Pajama with Nehru Jacket

Kurta, Pajama with Nehru Jacket to rock diwali 2019

Nehru jackets are one of the style god pieces. They add polish to any outfit you’d wear and also complete any dressing combo you’d step into. But well, colour combinations are the most essential key here. As cliché as it may sound, they’d either make or break this outfit idea for Diwali. The colour of your kurta pajama set is your primary concern and shade and the Nehru jacket is secondary concern and shade.

However, your secondary colour is more essential and crucial here. In an ideal situation, keep your primaries light or neutral and the secondary contrasting or a little darker. Nehru Jacket is the single most versatile and malleable piece of clothing for guys and when it comes the festive season, it turns out to be your best choice for your outfit.  We believe a man in a Nehru Jacket completed rightly is an assured high-level object. Colour blocks it with the rest of your collection or outfit. Choose the colors smartly and wisely but in place of a plain Nehru jacket, go for a contrasting-colored Nehru jacket.

Asymmetrical Ethnic Jacket With Trousers

Jacket With Trousers for diwali 2019

While most of us play safe rather than going all-out or trying new things, a few think otherwise and experiment with outfits. If you too, are like best and adventurous one trying to step out of your zone, a simple asymmetrical hemline can work it out for you. However, keep the fit a little relaxed. Attires are meant to be worn on your body, not glued onto it.

Ethnic Chic, For the Man with a Natural and an Organic Persona

Ethnic Chic

A touch of Indian and English blend in this Ethnic Tunic combo and Tweed pants. If it’s too warm to wear tweed opt for light or linen corduroy. A warm colour jacket or gold silk lifts the earthy textures and tones. A sandal version of ‘Kohlapuris’ tying in with the traditional tunic will look best with the attire. The hint of colour with a burgundy or fuchsia pashmina stole will give you a traditional star look. Play around with the colour palette to offset organic and natural light colours that you like wearing and opt for them.

Printed Shirt with Silk Jacket and loose pants

Printed silk  Shirt

This personalized design proves how you can stagger and revolve even during a celebratory season. After all, Diwali is an alluring mix of dance, style and traditions. A beautifully printed shirt, with reversed sleeves worn with a silk jacket, comprises for a thrilling and awesome collection. A neatly made loose pant is what really bumps and gear up the complete attire. This soot and grime ethnic look is going to up your stake this auspicious festive time of the year.

All-Black Look

all black men

Don’t get me wrong, I just love the shade. It is sophisticated, classy, manly and very chic! But there is something about black attires that doesn’t go very well with a festival according to Indians. There are so many other exciting shades that you can try that putting on all-black attire looks impiety. If you want to go for a black kurta, team it up with a white or cream churidar and a bright colored shawl as well.

Again, nothing wrong with just a kurta-pyjama but the only two places it looks good is while you are sitting for a puja and while you’re sleeping on your bed. And a Diwali celebration is neither of the two! Get rid of the pajamas and get yourself a churidar. Don’t forget to check if your kurta is too plain for the occasion and instead of that go with a more celebratory one. Unless of course you have planned to look thrice your actual age!

Additional Tip- I’m sure you have that old linen shirt, kurta or cotton shirt lying in your wardrobe and if you think that’s useless, let me tell you to think again. You can pair a basic kurta or a linen shirt with normal straight cut cotton pajamas that are easily available in every store. Accessorise you should be looking for the outfit should be a pair of kohlapuris, loafers or lace-ups and a classic leather strap watch. Although this look might seem like a day look, but trust me it can work excellently from day to night, so you don’t have to worry at all about changing from your morning puja outfit to your evening card game! This look will do complete justice to this auspicious occasion and is a perfect mix of men’s traditional wear and contemporary fashion.

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